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Our platform brings all your work applications into one place, increasing user productivity and saving time and energy.

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The only smart office platform you will ever need

With user experience the primary focus, 1-platform can integrate with new and existing systems. Just simply add us to your current office infrastructure or include in your new office plan, we seamlessly fit in at any stage.

Advanced User Experience

Unlike a tech driven solution, our ultimate goal is to make the experience as smooth as possible for each and every user.

Unlimited 3rd Party Integrations

We can work with both a new office system or integrating stress-free and complementing your existing hardware.

Modular & Fully Customisable

Choose and grow from our pre-loaded smart modules, also work with our team to create a custom solution unique to your organisation.

Advanced User Experience

We offer a genuine, user friendly approach

Built with you in mind, less taps more output. We pack as much function, ease of use and automated tasks as we can. Autocompleting admin through advanced workflows.
Unlimited 3rd Party Integrations

1-Platform works with new and existing hardware

A major advantage is that we can work with your existing modern office system. Let our team create the code that is needed to communicate with your system.
Modular & Customisable

Choose from our modules or create your own

Built with you in mind, less taps more output. We pack as much function, ease of use and automated tasks as we can. Complete simple admin thorough advanced workflows.
WHo We Help

We deliver results

No matter the industry we have a tailored solution for you. See below the industries where we can add most value.


In the office we help you work smarter, not harder.


Faculty and student solutions making you manage efficiently.


Multi-locations under one easy-to-manage control panel.

Multiple Modules

Pre-loaded and ready to go

Choose from our pre-loaded modules or our talented team can build a custom solution for you.

Meeting Room Booking

Visitor Management

People Finding

AV Controls


Hot Desk Booking

Dynamic QR Codes

Parking Management

3rd Party Integrations

Single Sign-On

Detailed Analytics

Alerts & Triggers


What we can integrate with

We can integrate with most modern hardware thorough the use of API's and Drivers enabling us to communicate effectively.

What clients are saying

Don't just take our word for it, listen to who matters most; our most prestigious clients.

“We truly could not be more impressed with the team at Stratus. They delivered amazing results - our sales greatly increased.”

Jake Warren
GM Studios
“We had worked with other SEO companies, but it was clear from the outset that Stratus is different. The results speak for themselves.”

Kim Smith
Squant Media

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